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Las costuras de los hinchables son el elemento más importante.

El material, además de ser del grosor adecuado (en éste caso 0,55mm), tiene que estar unido de forma que aguante el peso y movimiento que requiere su uso.

Los refuerzos en las zonas dónde más sufre el hinchable. Por ello nuestros productos utilizan la doble costura para garantizar una resistencia duradera.

El hilo utilizado para ello es el más resistente del mercado.

Why choose us?

  • All our bouncy castles are customized, in terms of size, shapes, colors, drawings…
  • Our manufacturing team is ready to accept new challenges and willing to be original and achieve the wow factor…
  •  Because we are professionals and we work to ensure the satisfaction of each of our clients.
  • Because we treat each client as unique.
  • Because we get involved one hundred percent in each project.
  • Because we are flexible and adaptable to fulfil your company’s needs.
  • Because we work as a team with our clients. We feel part of your company!

And because…

  • All our bouncy castles are dispatched from our factory properly labelled, palletized and neatly packed.
  • All our bouncy castles will be accompanied by its respective continuous air turbines.
  • All our bouncy castles are wrapped on their transport bag and adequated protection.
  • All our bouncy castles have a one-year warranty.
  • All our bouncy castles are certified and approved.
  • All our inflatable castles are made of M2 canvas, fireproof, 650gr,

And for much more…