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Todos nuestros productos hinchables incluyen unos anclajes para fijar el producto.

Soportan vientos de hasta 38 km/h, fuerza máxima recomendada de utilización para una máxima seguridad de los usuarios.

Did you know that we are manufacturers of MECHANICAL BULLS?

The mechanical bull is the most requested and fun attraction for parties and events of all kinds, valid for children and adults.

We have several models. The inflatable base can be customized in terms of colours, shapes and drawings. If you are looking to increase the fun value of your leisure company, then the MECHANICAL BULL is without a doubt one of the best options.

At ICC BUSINESS we know that the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers. It is for that reason that our commitment is to offer a product that meets and exceeds your expectations.

We are perfectionists and very self-consciousness on assuring the highest quality of our products.

Your safety is fundamental for us.

  • You will not find it at a better price!!! Because WE ARE MANUFACTURERS!!!
  • If you have never ridden in one, then try it! It is a great experience!!!
  • Try to endure as long as possible. Dare you?
  • Ride an authentic Rodeo in your Party, and challenge your friends to overcome your record by testing different levels of strength.

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